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Hair Queens is amazing! I found lice in my daughter's hair and I was mortified. She had it BAD... my son had it... and I had it. It was our first experience and I had no clue how to check or what to do to make sure it was gone for good. I found Hair Queens online and called them. They are so professional and provided AMAZING customer service. They calmed me down, reassured me, gave me step by step instructions, and showed up just hours after I called. They did not push their service on me, rather offered their products, but I wanted them to come to my house. They came out the same day, five days later, and two days after that, too! They guided me through how to clean my home (and even gave me something to spray all over my carpets, car, carseats, etc), what to do throughout the week long process, and taught me how to comb, how to do preventative combs, and educated me on lice (seriously... I know more about lice than I ever thought possible). In addition, they were super patient with me as I panicked, and they answered all of my questions as they came up throughout the week. I am forever grateful for how they helped my family and I. Every penny I spent on getting rid of lice was worth it! Not only did the ladies make this experience less stressful, but I was also educated so thoroughly so I could prevent this, catch it early in the future, or treat it myself. Thank you Hair Queens! You girls are incredible!
Date of Posting: 14 Jul 2017Posted by: MelissaLocation: Valencia
I am so grateful to Linda and Colleen!!!! They came out on a holiday weekend without hesitation! We have been dealing with lice for about 3 months. I used a different lice salons product and it just wasn't working! Not only did Hair Queens come in and treat my whole family but they educated us on how to handle it next time on our own. My daughter was so happy to have people comb out her hair without hurting her and she felt at ease with them! I couldn't have asked for 2 more caring and knowledgeable people! I would never hesitate to recommend them or use them again in the future. They are wonderful!
Date of Posting: 2 Jul 2017Posted by: Jennifer
Linda and Colleen were great..,so professional and thorough. My child was treated well and I was happy they took great care with their work. Thanks!
Date of Posting: 17 May 2017Posted by: DF
Hair Queens has absolutely the best customer service and business approach. I have had 2 experiences with them, once a few years ago when my daughter's whole team became infested, and again recently. Both experiences were so positive. They were supportive and responsive and committed to making sure that we understood how to use the products. I literally called late at night while Linda was out of town and she still calmed me down and walked me through the steps...and followed up multiple times that night and the next day. My sister and I have 4 daughters between us and now keep their products on hand (luckily I had some already this time). Thank you for your amazing service!
Date of Posting: 24 Apr 2017Posted by: JenniferLocation: Santa Clarita
Thanks to Hair Queens I no longer fear lice! With their knowledge and support I know I can conquer this dreaded nuisance should it every revisit our home again. Thank you Hair Queens for all of your help!! You are #1!
Date of Posting: 14 Mar 2017Posted by: AnonymousLocation: Santa Clarita

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