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Amy saved my life. When my entire house got lice for the second time, I was having a total panic attack. Luckily, a mutual friend got me in touch with Amy and she was amazing. She was so responsive, calming, and supportive. I would recommend Amy and Hair Queens to everyone!
Date of Posting: 2 Jul 2016Posted by: Katie B.Location: Chantilly, VA
I work with college students who travel overseas in developing nations. We called the Hair Queens to take care a team of 6 students. They were efficient, fast, and friendly. Although no one wants to HAVE to call them, we will be delighted to use their services again!
Date of Posting: 23 Jun 2016Posted by: LisaLocation: Newhall, CA
Skip the lice salon! Just call Hair Queens! It will save you time, money, and headache. My daughter got lice and I went to a lice salon and paid over $500 and they told me she was in the clear and of course I needed a recheck in a few days for the microscopic eggs that were too small for the comb that day. I decided to call Hair Queens for her recheck expecting to only find a few tiny eggs... well No:( they not only found many eggs, they also found nyphs and adult lice. This is crazy to me!! How can this be? I was in shock and despair at this salon. Hair Queens was so good about educating me about lice and how to comb through with proper technique and guided me through the next week of comb throughs.They empowered me with confidence to do it myself.They genuinely care about their clients and are extremely meticulous with detail so as not to miss one single egg.It is definitely worth the money spent with them over any salon! I feel so educated and informed that I can go work for them:)!
Date of Posting: 16 Jun 2016Posted by: So thankful for Hair QueensLocation: Valencia
Trust me, I am that mom. The one that sprays rosemary mist in my girls' long hair every day before they go to school, makes them wear hoodies to the movies and on airplanes, and the one that spends a fortune on organic products. So, when we get gratefully receive that warning email or call from a friend that says that my daughter may have been exposed, the first person I call is Karen from Hair Queens! Their response has always been immediate, thoughtful and 100% supportive. When in doubt, you want to get hair checked. They do house calls and provide the immediate help you need! And if infested, you want to get it treated with gentle yet effective treatment. And you want the guidance to know how to clean your home, treat other family members and friends, and stop the spread immediately. Hair Queens is amazing, and seriously the best team you'll never want to see in your home again!
Date of Posting: 20 May 2016Posted by: Clean Freak MomLocation: Stevenson Ranch
Amy was AMAZING!!!!!! She was soooo professional and sweet to my daughter. She explained everything she was doing along the way and made sure I understood how to do the homecare. I highly recommend!!!!
Date of Posting: 21 Apr 2016Posted by: JulieLocation: Annandale VA

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