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Trust me, I am that mom. The one that sprays rosemary mist in my girls' long hair every day before they go to school, makes them wear hoodies to the movies and on airplanes, and the one that spends a fortune on organic products. So, when we get gratefully receive that warning email or call from a friend that says that my daughter may have been exposed, the first person I call is Karen from Hair Queens! Their response has always been immediate, thoughtful and 100% supportive. When in doubt, you want to get hair checked. They do house calls and provide the immediate help you need! And if infested, you want to get it treated with gentle yet effective treatment. And you want the guidance to know how to clean your home, treat other family members and friends, and stop the spread immediately. Hair Queens is amazing, and seriously the best team you'll never want to see in your home again!
Date of Posting: 20 May 2016Posted by: Clean Freak MomLocation: Stevenson Ranch
Amy was AMAZING!!!!!! She was soooo professional and sweet to my daughter. She explained everything she was doing along the way and made sure I understood how to do the homecare. I highly recommend!!!!
Date of Posting: 21 Apr 2016Posted by: JulieLocation: Annandale VA
I wasn't sure if we had lice or not, and I expected a half hearted interest in our case. However, Linda took the time to hear my description, welcomed pictures to be sent to her, and even took samples to scope to give me a second opinion! She really went above and beyond in helping us! Not only did she text to follow up, but she wrote very descriptive protocols pertaining to my next steps and if it were to ever happen again! I'm am so pleased with their services, don't panic if you stick with them you will be in excellent hands!!!
Date of Posting: 19 Apr 2016Posted by: Jennifer Chou
I won a Hair Queens basket at the PTA Vendor fair last year and I never thought I would use it. I got home from work late last night and found out my daughter had lice! I opened my basket and saw the words call anytime. I called and Linda answered the phone. I was in pure panic mode. She was kind, understanding, and extremely encouraging. I was able to keep calm for my daughter. Linda even texted to through out the night to make sure myself and the family were taken care. She was still checking in the next morning. I have never had any customer service like that anywhere. The products are amazing, the customer service is 5 stars! I would HIGHLY recommend Hair Queens to every parent here in the SCV.
Date of Posting: 10 Mar 2016Posted by: Julie G.Location: Santa Clarita
I would absolutely recommend Hair Queens. Like most, I was in a panic when I found lice in my daughter's hair. Not only did Linda take my call at 7:30 a.m. but she made it so easy. She came to our house along with Kim. Both were very professional but yet I felt like they completely understood my situation as mothers themselves. The tips they provided me to get the house clean were excellent, and they answered all my questions. I was able to keep the cleaning process moving while they worked through my daughter's which as you can imagine is a lot to plow through. Thank you Hair Queens, and while I hope to never need your services again you would be my first call, and the company I would recommend to anyone who asked.
Date of Posting: 19 Jan 2016Posted by: TracyLocation: Valencia

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