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Don't wait or hesitate, please call this wonderful service! My 3yr old had lice and it was my first experience dealing with it. I called The Hair Queens after 8pm one evening expecting to leave a message and to my surprise, one of the owners picked up (awesome!). I was trying to hide my hysteria and immediately, Linda helped me identify what I was seeing on my daughter's head. Linda was so helpful, caring and professional throughout the entire process. She had (2) professionals out to my house by the next morning. These women were great and so thorough. They combed out my entire family and we hired them back for the 3-5 day recheck. This service is worth every penny spent. You are not only paying for their home combing service, but their knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend their products as well. I have tried other lice repellents and their's is by far the best. Please do not wait until your children have lice…purchase the comb and the repellent. It is now my mission to urge school PTA's and kids' gyms, etc., to utilize this great business in our community to better educate themselves and the families they serve. Thank you Hair Queens!
Date of Posting: 13 Mar 2015Posted by: JacquieLocation: Santa Clarita
We have to say that the Hair Queens were not only helpful but very professional. This company is highly recommended by our family. We found lice in are youngest daughters hair on Wednesday evening. I got a phone number from a friend so I called Linda that evening. She explained what I needed to due and what they needed to do the next morning. All I have to say is that these ladies showed up like "pros". They came on time and they worked on her for over an hour. These ladies were great! They also explain to us the key things to do to prevent it, treat it, and repel it from your family and environment. Like I said "Highly Recommend It". Thank you Hair Queens!!!!
Date of Posting: 6 Mar 2015Posted by: AraceliLocation: United States
How lucky are we to have this fabulous resource in our community. Amy, Tracy and Pnina were pros and made a potentially embarrassing situation a positive experience (well, as positive as lice could ever be). They were especially wonderful with the kids, which is a gift. They were sensitive to their fatigue and were even prepared with lollipops for a little sugar rush and treat. I also appreciated that not only did they treat the issue, they educated us so that we can treat ourselves in the future. They also educated us on the lice. We were so impressed with their knowledge and their willingness to share. I will be continuing to recommend you all for sure. Thank you for being awesome!
Date of Posting: 9 Feb 2015Posted by: Michele KrantzLocation: Stevenson Ranch
When I found lice on my Jr. High school student's head I was completely grossed out and mortified. I immediately ran to the store and bought OTC products and took them home to get rid of the lice. Even after finishing the treatment I knew that the lice weren't all gone and I wasn't sure what to do. A friend of mine told me how wonderful the Hair Queens were so I called them up the next morning. They were so kind and helpful on the phone and agreed to come to the house that evening to take care of my family. They even rearranged their schedule so that all of my family members would be home and could be treated. They got rid of the lice and educated all of us while doing so. I highly recommend the Hair Queens. Their services are worth every penny spent and then some.
Date of Posting: 3 Feb 2015Posted by: TracyLocation: Valencia
The Hair Queens are lifesavers! They have now saved us twice and were willing to work with our schedule, day or night. They worked well with our toddlers and skillfully removed the lice from all of our hair. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you!
Date of Posting: 2 Feb 2015Posted by: D and JLocation: Valley Glen

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