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I cannot recommend these ladies enough! It was on a Sunday that I discovered that my daughter had gotten lice, and I freaked out! I called the Hair Queens, having remembered a conversation I had over the summer with another mom about them. They were on the phone with me within 30 minutes, and at my house 6:30 that evening. Linda and Karen were nothing but wonderful through the entire process. They combed out my daughters hair and checked all of the family, and lucky me had some eggs in my hair as well. They told me exactly what to do over the next few days and weeks to make sure they were out of our house. I even had them come back a second time to comb my daughter and me out, and they found absolutely nothing, that is how thorough they were the very first time. They never make you feel crazy about any of your questions, and are there for you in the days and weeks that follow. They have great prevention tips, and are incredibly caring throughout. I really don't know how I would have handled it without them. I could never thank them enough, they are truly knowledgable, and passionate about educating you throughout the process. Thank you Linda and Karen!!! Lynn Santa Clarita
Date of Posting: 24 Apr 2013Posted by: LynnLocation: Santa Clarita, CA
We can not thank these women enough. My granddaughter got lice and decided to share them with us. We have been battling these bugs for a long time. I spent countless hours combing hair, washing clothes and sheets. I thought everyone was on board taken care of things also. But my granddaughter got them again, so I started combing and just couldn't do again, so I called the Queens. They came out to my house, and made it so fun. They educated us on prevention, and took care of the problem. Karen and Linda not only are so professional they are so friendly and caring.
Date of Posting: 7 Apr 2013Posted by: SandraLocation: Santa Clarita, CA
So glad I called Hair Queens to come. Didn't realize how uneducated I was about lice and I was frantically & aimlessly cleaning my house and my daughter room without understanding. And it was my ignorance that led to my anxiety. After hair queens came and showed me how to properly clean the house and my daughters hair, I was so relieved and now feel empowered to be able to control, contain, and prevent this for he future. It may have been a dent in the check book, but so worth it for the peace of mind, the education, and proper tools or comb to deal with this. I will definitely recommend these ladies who are moms bold enough to start their own business because they want to help our community. And my daughter thoroughly enjoyed be treated like a queen with their cute stool, zebra handbags, pink uniforms & accessories. She said she felt like she was at a spa getting her hair conditioned. What I loved the best was that it is natural products and oils no harsh chemicals on my daughters hair. That's a plus for me. Thanks Hair Queens! I did return the RID.
Date of Posting: 12 Mar 2013Posted by: Christine
I don't even know where to start......these ladies are AMAZING! Not only are they so fun and easy to talk to, they know their stuff, make you instantly feel at ease and are just all around GREAT! I tried combating this alone, but I wish I would have called them in FIRST. I'm cheap and on a budget but they are WORTH.EVERY.PENNY. Seriously. Call them NOW! :)
Date of Posting: 3 Dec 2012Posted by: JulieLocation: Santa Clarita, CA
LOVE these awesome ladies! Just like all the testimonials here, I can attest they were very professional, very friendly and very informative. They treated us like family, and instantly put us at ease. My daughter got lice for the first time - and was sent home on the 1st day of school with it. I was horrified - with long thick hair that meant I for sure had it too (I did) and my husband was just not able to effectively comb out my hair with the over-the-counter (unreliable) products. I've had long hair for over 20 years and the thought that sickened me was having to cut it all off to get to the lice. Then we were given the number to the Hair Queens. My daughter was super upset by the bugs (aka Minutes) but the Hair Queens made her feel like a million bucks again and she was thrilled to go back to school the next day after treatment. And the added bonus was that she smelled like a fresh loaf of Italian breath with their Rosemary Spray in her hair. I load up on the Peppermint Spray when I know I'm going to be out for the day. They were worth every penny we spent. They negated our worries, and gave us a peace of mind that is truly priceless. Thanks Queen Karen and Lady Linda! We're forever grateful and love you for it! :)
Date of Posting: 19 Sep 2012Posted by: Jennifer TLocation: Santa Clarita, CA

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