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The minute Karen and Linda walked in, they made me feel at ease. I was mortified, but they helped me see just how common it is. Thank you soo much for coming and saving us by a PROFESSIONAL!!! ;) I even referred Hair Queens to my hairstylist/owner of a beauty parlor in Burbank,too!! Thank you again!! Elaine and family (the actor!!) ;)
Date of Posting: 3 Sep 2013Posted by: ElaineLocation: Santa Clarita
I can only echo the comments by these other testimonials. Karen and Linda came to my home and right away I felt at ease, though I was not surprised because I got the same feeling after speaking with Linda on the phone to schedule our time. These gals are so efficient and caring in what they do, not to mention WAY cute in their pink and bling! I just wish that I would have contacted them sooner. I had already gone to other lice removal salon, who did a great job on me (I just had myself treated, as I took care of my children). However, I wanted a follow up to make sure the nits were gone. Karen and Linda got done in record time and then worked on all three of my kids. We are now bug and nit free and I feel confident that I tackle this situation should it ever occur again! If you are looking for lice and egg removal, do not go anywhere else!
Date of Posting: 29 Aug 2013Posted by: CinnamonLocation: Saugus
These girls are GREAT! They are professional and came into our home and educated us about how to eliminate this problem! I felt SO much better after talking to them and after they performed their services I felt empowered to eliminate this problem in our home and our community!! Now that I know what I am doing, I feel so much better and I feel very prepared to handle the situation should it come up again. I even checked my daughter again after a few days and she had NO eggs or lice anywhere! Thank you girls and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone! If you have been struggling with a lice problem in your home, save yourself time and anxiety and just call them. You will not be disappointed!! Thank you Hair Queens!!
Date of Posting: 3 Aug 2013Posted by: Nikki
Karen & Linda, I cannot thank you enough for helping our family last night! You both are amazing people and great at what you do! You truly can see your desire to help people and not just make money. The education you provided, the compassion and the support were invaluable- worth every single penny! Thank you so so much! My daughter, who was so mortified by this battle with lice cannot stop saying "Hair Queens are the best!"
Date of Posting: 14 May 2013Posted by: MichelleLocation: Santa Clarita, CA
I can't say enough about the Hair Queens and the quality of their work. We had used another service when we found out my daughter had lice. That service did NOT do a thorough job as the lice were not entirely removed, and we had to find another lice removal service. A friend suggested the Hair Queens, so I called and spoke with Linda and then Karen. From the get go, they arrived in bright pink smocks and blinged out in the most adorable way and made us feel comfortable and "normal" after having felt so embarrassed about having lice in our home. They were very competent and thorough and when they left we were lice free! I even texted Karen with a worry afterwards about something and she responded quickly with good advice. I highly recommend them!
Date of Posting: 2 May 2013Posted by: DianeLocation: Santa Clarita, CA

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