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I had a last minute need to get checked to avoid another night on the couch and conflicts with a busy work schedule. The team at Hair Queens was willing to come after hours on zero notice. But even more impressive, was that they were willing to walk me through my own self-inspection, with diagrams and all, and even look at pictures via text to assure me that I was in the clear and that the home visit wasn't actually necessary. They did this at no cost and even refused my offer to pay for the time they invested. They truly just wanted to help. I am forever grateful for their dedication to people, as well as their craft, and will be recommending them vigorously at every available opportunity. I cannot understate my gratitude for this company.
Date of Posting: 26 Jan 2017Posted by: DanLocation: Awesometown
My daughter (11) was diagnosed with Lice at a haircut. It was our first time dealing with this. I called pediatrician, local lice shop and Hair Queens to find out what to do. By far the best customer service I received on the phone was by Hair Queens. Local moms with a genuine desire to help families. They offered multiple options (education + product or them coming to my home). I chose an appointment and they came to my home literally a few hours after my first call. Two incredibly nice and professional women worked on my daughter's hair for 2 hours -- she had it BAD, and on me (I had it as well). THe entire time they kept me posted on time and charges. They taught us how to do the treatment so we could make sure following comb throughs were done right. I was at my wit's end on a Friday night when this happened and the Hair Queens made the process so much lighter and even fun (!). My kids said "They seemed like our friends right away". My kids are on the shy side and not comfortable with everyone so that is a huge compliment. They stayed available for any questions I have through the whole week we're dealing with this. Also, when I took my daughter back to school today, when the nurse found out the Hair Queens did her treatment she said "no need to check her, she's good". The nurse knew how good the Hair Queens are! It was worth every penny to know we are handling this right. Thank you Hair Queens!
Date of Posting: 23 Jan 2017Posted by: ShannonLocation: Valencia
Karen and Linda were amazing! I called at 7pm and they were at my house by 8:30, on a Friday! They were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They made us all feel very comfortable and relieved! I strongly recommend this company for anyone who has been affected by lice! Wonderful ladies!
Date of Posting: 12 Nov 2016Posted by: Correna
I have three daughters I left the country for a couple of weeks and left my kids with my mom and when I returned all three of my girls had gotten lice I was devastated. I tried the shampoos at the stored and spent way too much money and it didn't even work. Lost and not knowing what to do I found the Hair Queens and my prayers were answered they got rid of the lice as well as educated me and taught me what to do to also prevent it from happening again. These caring women especially Karen helped me so much I am so thankful and don't know what I would have done without her. I would recommend these women and the product to everyone. I actually work for a school district and have sent out pamphlets to our local school as I know so many parents don't know what to do. Thank You Hair Queens and an extra special Thank You to Karen.
Date of Posting: 21 Oct 2016Posted by: NicoleLocation: Lancaster
When my 9 year old daughter complained of an itchy scalp, we were afraid of the outcome. Sure enough...Lice! We had been down this road once before and knew what to do...or so we thought. After spending an entire weekend cleaning, applying expensive pesticides and a thorough comb out, we were dismayed to get a call from the school claiming she still had eggs. That's when we called the Hair Queens. They came that day, on short notice, and got right to work. They quickly started working on my daughters hair, talking to her the entire time and making her feel comfortable. After 30 minutes they pulled over 200 eggs! They explained how over the counter pesticides are ineffective and the supplied lice combs do little to pull eggs. We decided to get the whole family checked and educated. We are now confident we know how to prevent another infestation or at the very least, how to treat. Thanks Hair Queens!
Date of Posting: 16 Sep 2016Posted by: JerryLocation: Stevenson Ranch

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