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Day, Night and Weekend Appointments Available.

Serving Newhall, Stevenson Ranch, Southern Oaks, Westridge, Valencia, Saugus, Bridgeport, Tesoro, Castaic, Saugus, Canyon Country, Santa Clarita Valley and Surrounding Areas in California.

Now serving Fairfax, Vienna, McLean, Annandale, Alexandria & Springfield Virginia.

SCV, California – In Home Treatment Service

In Home Treatment Service – $160.00 per hour

2 Trained Hair Queen Professionals are available to service your family simultaneously, saving you half the time which equals half the money. (tips are welcomed!) 😉

(If servicing outside a twenty (20) mile radius of Santa Clarita, hourly prices will vary.)

Please contact us for more information.

(661)753-7409    (661)753-7604

*Holiday hours are $185.00 per hour*

Fairfax, Vienna, McLean, Annandale & Alexandria, Virginia

In Home Treatment Service – $160.00 per hour

1 trained Hair Queens Professional (tips are welcomed!) 😉

(If servicing outside a twenty (20) mile radius of Fairfax, hourly prices will vary.)

Please contact us for more information.


*Holiday hours are $185.00 per hour*

Hair Queens has branched out to Virginia. We are ready to help service your family in getting rid of head lice and educating you along the way.  We are servicing Fairfax, Vienna, McLean, Annandale, Alexandria and Springfield Virginia.

We are a service based business but we also offer all the products if you should choose to do it yourself DIY (Do-It-Yourself).

  • We know how to professionally treat head lice and we would like to make your experience as smooth as possible.
  • In the privacy of your own home, we will come prepared and self-contained to rid you of lice and their eggs (nits).
  • We will use an all natural oil to saturate your dry hair, then manually comb through your hair to remove all the lice and their eggs, however a louse could have laid eggs right before it was extracted. The eggs are microscopic when first laid and not visible to the human eye, so it is necessary to comb out again in 3-5 days to give those eggs time to grow large enough to fit through the comb.
  • We will suggest that each member of your family be combed through as well. (as that is our way of checking to see if someone has it or not!)
  • We will suggest a follow-up procedure depending on the severity of the case.
  • We will remind you that lice removal is a process….it is crucial to do follow-up combing (3-5 days) and equally important to treat your home environment.
  • If you decide that you would like to only purchase our products, this can also be done. Please visit our shop or call us!
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