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"So grateful for Hair Queens! Karen is absolutely amazing and helpful! She was available right away and took so much time on the phone to calm me down when I was stressing. She wanted to make sure I knew all the steps I needed take and that everything was going to be ok! And it was! She is wonderful and I'm so thankful for all her amazing help! -Posted (01/05/2023)"

Posted by: Rose     Location: Santa Clarita

"I discovered lice in my daughters hair around 10:30 pm the night before a big event she was involved in. My husband ran out to buy an at-home kit and after about 5 minutes of trying to do it myself (no clue what I was doing) and getting the “heeby-jeebys”, I decided I would call someone for professional help first thing in the morning. I called Karen from Hair Queens at 7am and she was at my house at 8:30am. She knew we had somewhere important to go at noon so she managed to move around her day a bit to help us get lice free before we had to leave. Karen was so sweet and helpful, educating us on what to look for, how to treat ourselves in the future, how to clean our home, etc. She also provided emotional support to me as I was close to breaking down from all this. Karen was a total lifesaver and I would recommend her and Hair Queens to anyone who may need lice treatment help. -Posted (12/12/2022)"

Posted by: Candice     Location: Stevenson Ranch

"All I can say is WOW!! Using Hair Queens is literally emotional life saving. Karen is beyond patient, answered all our questions, and very good at educating families. If there was a 10 star, she would get it. Thank you so much Karen for being so patient with my craziness and walking me through this lice process. I recommend Hair Queens! THANK YOU! -Posted (8/12/2022)"

Posted by: Wendy     Location: Santa Clarita

"I was panicked when I found out my son had gotten lice. Thankfully a friend recommended HairQueens. I first spoke with Karen who was so calming and supportive as she helped walk me through what I needed to do ( and continued to answer my texts into the night!) Then Amy came to comb out and help check my family. She was amazing, also very calm and helped to reassure me and settle my nerves. Having someone with lice in your house can be an extremely stressful and anxiety provoking situation, but the HairQueens were amazing at helping us to get rid of it, informing me on next steps, and soothing my nerves! -Posted (6/21/2022)"

Posted by: Danielle     Location: Springfield, VA

"Ok real talk: I did NOT want to have to call you! I was about to have a literal meltdown the morning that I called. I think I was actually crying! This was the thing I’d been dreading all these years! But you came and kindly walked me through the process. You painstakingly combed through everyone’s hair. You treated my daughters, who both had :::shudder::: lice. You instructed us on how to make sure the lice were gone: from hair and home. And you taught us preventative tips, so that this never happened again. You were THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I couldn’t recommend your company any higher and I am grateful to this day. -Posted  (06/06/2020)"

Posted by: Your Most Reluctant Client!     Location: Santa Clarita

"The Hair Queens are fantastic! Kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough in their treatment! We discovered my daughter had lice late in the evening as she was getting ready for bed and the hair queens came right over to provide treatment staying late into the night. They took the time to educate me on how to continue treatment after they left and were available for questions I had after. I am so grateful and highly recommend their services! "

Posted by: Gin Treadwell     Location: California

"So beyond grateful for Linda! When I found out my two young daughters had lice, I was beside myself. Linda spoke with me on the phone and answered all of my questions without charging me a dime. She gave me all the tips and tools I needed to tackle this issue. She has promptly helped me every step of the way. I have been able to get rid of this problem in a short amount of time with her guidance. If you find yourself in my shoes, look no further for help! "

Posted by: Carla Delgado     Location: Valencia, CA

"We received a text from our daycare provider at 10a on a Saturday that one of our boys had been exposed to lice. We peeked at his scalp and it was questionable at best, so I called Linda. By 11:30a, Karen and Stacy were at our home, calming things down, and getting ready to evaluate if we had lice, and remove any found. They found plenty of lice on our boys, and much more than we wanted them to find on our own heads, but through their high regard for education and CARE for us (the client) we proceeded to get this infestation under control. By the time they left, we were all lice-free and well-informed of next steps in continuing the eradication. Amazing job, amazing service, and they even handled a screaming and squirming two-year-old and got him smiling by the end of the day. I cannot recommend Hair Queens more highly, they are not only extending amazing service, but they are also serving their community and helping people get through confusing times. If you find yourself facing a potential lice situation, look no further... these gals will get your life back on the right track!!!"

Posted by: Scott Mocha     Location: Stevenson Ranch, CA

"We found out we had lice for the first time the night before our big family trip to Fiji. I was devastated and didn’t have a clue what to do. I called these wonderful ladies and they came at 7am to my house and treated my whole family and showed me everything to do so we could go on our dream vaca that afternoon! It was the best money I have ever spent! They are so knowledgeable and so lovely! I am truly grateful!!!!!!"

Posted by: Kelly Privett     Location: Newhall, Ca.

"A few friends from a small group got lice! My daughter did not have any symptoms and I didn't see anything. But after a week and hearing nightmare stories of spreading within family members, I decided to take action and contact Hair Queens. I just wanted piece of mind that my daughter did not have it. So they basically walked me through what I needed to do. They made it so easy from start to finish. I feel so relieved knowing my daughter doesn't have it. I know where to go if she ever does and feel 100% confident in recommending others to Hair Queens!"

Posted by: S. W.     Location: Stevenson Ranch, CA

"I discovered my daughter had lice when she was complaining of being itchy and had pulled an actual bug out of her hair! I was mortified! I couldn't believe it had happened to us!! Having absolutely no idea what to do, I phoned my pediatrician's office in Valencia who recommended calling Hair Queens. After speaking to Linda on the telephone for only a few minutes I realized I had made the best decision possible. She was a wealth of knowledge and information and empowered me to take the task on myself. Well, we discovered that myself, and BOTH of my daughters had been infected with lice. Linda was super available and responsive by text and was so positive and encouraging. There is NO WAY I could have taken care of it without her help, assistance and guidance. I highly recommend Hair Queens to anyone having to go through this ordeal. There's a reason they have 5+ star reviews. It's not enough to just research and read on the internet on how to take care of it. The information is waaay to overwhelming when you are dealing with the thought of bugs in your children's hair.... I drove 100+ miles round trip to buy the comb and products that Linda recommended. And I would do it again if necessary. Thank you very much, Linda, and Hair Queens for helping me survive this traumatic situation."

Posted by: Anonymous     Location: Ojai, Ca.

"Thankful for Linda and her team for walking us through our first experience with lice. Two ladies came out, same day, and combed through my whole family. They also showed us the steps we needed to take to clean the house. In the following week, whenever I had a question, I would text Linda and she would text me right back with an answer. The ladies also taught me how to do the comb through properly so I was able to check my extended family as well. The peace of mind they provided for me and my husband was well worth the price!"

Posted by: Julianna     Location: Valencia, Ca.

"I cannot thank Hair Queens enough! Within two hours of an initial phone call to request help (which was around 7am!), two people were at my home helping our family figure out what to do! They were kind, informative, and helped us get rid of the problem!! I had spent hours the night before trying to get rid of the eggs and bugs on my own, but they came and helped me be rid of everything for good! They were professional and helped the process not be so overwhelming. I would recommend the Hair Queens to EVERYONE who has lice enter their home!! They were AMAZING! Hopefully we never get it again, but if we do I know exactly what to do (and who to call)!!! Thank you ladies!!!!"

Posted by: Michelle     Location: Vienna, Virginia

"I would just like to thank the wonderful people from Hair Queens for helping me get through this process. When I discovered my daughters had lice I felt like I had done something wrong and not done enough to keep my daughters clean. That night we tried an over the counter lice remover and spent hours trying to clean every bug from my girls head with no success still they had the nits so we went to bed and decided to tackle it in the morning. My childs school referred us to the Hair Queens and thank God they did. When I first spoke with Linda I was in tears and she was so nice and gave me so many words of encouragement and let me know everything is gonna be fine. She provided me with so much information and different tips to use in order to get rid of the lice. I purchased the comb from them which is way better than what is offered at the stores. I was able to get all the nits with the comb which lifted the sense of "we are never gonna be able to get these things out of their hair". Even a few days after contacting Hair Queens the first time I was able to contact them again with more questions and was able to get my questions answered and even questions answered that I never even thought of. I don't know if I would have been able to get through this with the confidence I did without their help. Thank again to the Hair Queens I appreciate all the help we received. "

Posted by: Nela NHouse     Location: Santa Clarita

"Hair Queens is amazing! I found lice in my daughter's hair and I was mortified. She had it BAD... my son had it... and I had it. It was our first experience and I had no clue how to check or what to do to make sure it was gone for good. I found Hair Queens online and called them. They are so professional and provided AMAZING customer service. They calmed me down, reassured me, gave me step by step instructions, and showed up just hours after I called. They did not push their service on me, rather offered their products, but I wanted them to come to my house. They came out the same day, five days later, and two days after that, too! They guided me through how to clean my home (and even gave me something to spray all over my carpets, car, carseats, etc), what to do throughout the week long process, and taught me how to comb, how to do preventative combs, and educated me on lice (seriously... I know more about lice than I ever thought possible). In addition, they were super patient with me as I panicked, and they answered all of my questions as they came up throughout the week. I am forever grateful for how they helped my family and I. Every penny I spent on getting rid of lice was worth it! Not only did the ladies make this experience less stressful, but I was also educated so thoroughly so I could prevent this, catch it early in the future, or treat it myself. Thank you Hair Queens! You girls are incredible!"

Posted by: Melissa     Location: Valencia

"Linda and Colleen were great..,so professional and thorough. My child was treated well and I was happy they took great care with their work. Thanks!"

Posted by: Anonymous     Location: Santa Clarita

"Hair Queens has absolutely the best customer service and business approach. I have had 2 experiences with them, once a few years ago when my daughter's whole team became infested, and again recently. Both experiences were so positive. They were supportive and responsive and committed to making sure that we understood how to use the products. I literally called late at night while Linda was out of town and she still calmed me down and walked me through the steps...and followed up multiple times that night and the next day. My sister and I have 4 daughters between us and now keep their products on hand (luckily I had some already this time). Thank you for your amazing service!"

Posted by: Jennifer     Location: Santa Clarita

"Thanks to Hair Queens I no longer fear lice! With their knowledge and support I know I can conquer this dreaded nuisance should it every revisit our home again. Thank you Hair Queens for all of your help!! You are #1!"

Posted by: Anonymous     Location: Santa Clarita

"I had a last minute need to get checked to avoid another night on the couch and conflicts with a busy work schedule. The team at Hair Queens was willing to come after hours on zero notice. But even more impressive, was that they were willing to walk me through my own self-inspection, with diagrams and all, and even look at pictures via text to assure me that I was in the clear and that the home visit wasn't actually necessary. They did this at no cost and even refused my offer to pay for the time they invested. They truly just wanted to help. I am forever grateful for their dedication to people, as well as their craft, and will be recommending them vigorously at every available opportunity. I cannot understate my gratitude for this company."

Posted by: Dan     Location: Awesometown

"My daughter (11) was diagnosed with Lice at a haircut. It was our first time dealing with this. I called pediatrician, local lice shop and Hair Queens to find out what to do. By far the best customer service I received on the phone was by Hair Queens. Local moms with a genuine desire to help families. They offered multiple options (education + product or them coming to my home). I chose an appointment and they came to my home literally a few hours after my first call. Two incredibly nice and professional women worked on my daughter's hair for 2 hours -- she had it BAD, and on me (I had it as well). THe entire time they kept me posted on time and charges. They taught us how to do the treatment so we could make sure following comb throughs were done right. I was at my wit's end on a Friday night when this happened and the Hair Queens made the process so much lighter and even fun (!). My kids said "They seemed like our friends right away". My kids are on the shy side and not comfortable with everyone so that is a huge compliment. They stayed available for any questions I have through the whole week we're dealing with this. Also, when I took my daughter back to school today, when the nurse found out the Hair Queens did her treatment she said "no need to check her, she's good". The nurse knew how good the Hair Queens are! It was worth every penny to know we are handling this right. Thank you Hair Queens!"

Posted by: Shannon     Location: Valencia

"Karen and Linda were amazing! I called at 7pm and they were at my house by 8:30, on a Friday! They were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They made us all feel very comfortable and relieved! I strongly recommend this company for anyone who has been affected by lice! Wonderful ladies!"

Posted by: Correna     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I have three daughters I left the country for a couple of weeks and left my kids with my mom and when I returned all three of my girls had gotten lice I was devastated. I tried the shampoos at the stored and spent way too much money and it didn't even work. Lost and not knowing what to do I found the Hair Queens and my prayers were answered they got rid of the lice as well as educated me and taught me what to do to also prevent it from happening again. These caring women especially Karen helped me so much I am so thankful and don't know what I would have done without her. I would recommend these women and the product to everyone. I actually work for a school district and have sent out pamphlets to our local school as I know so many parents don't know what to do. Thank You Hair Queens and an extra special Thank You to Karen."

Posted by: Nicole     Location: Lancaster, CA

"When my 9 year old daughter complained of an itchy scalp, we were afraid of the outcome. Sure enough...Lice! We had been down this road once before and knew what to do...or so we thought. After spending an entire weekend cleaning, applying expensive pesticides and a thorough comb out, we were dismayed to get a call from the school claiming she still had eggs. That's when we called the Hair Queens. They came that day, on short notice, and got right to work. They quickly started working on my daughters hair, talking to her the entire time and making her feel comfortable. After 30 minutes they pulled over 200 eggs! They explained how over the counter pesticides are ineffective and the supplied lice combs do little to pull eggs. We decided to get the whole family checked and educated. We are now confident we know how to prevent another infestation or at the very least, how to treat. Thanks Hair Queens!"

Posted by: Jerry     Location: Stevenson Ranch, CA

"I got the dreaded phone call! My girls were exposed to a friend who had head lice. As grateful as I was that my friend told me, I felt like I was going to lose my mind. I called a lice salon and took my kids in. Unfortunately my youngest daughter had it. Although we were told a mild case. She was combed through and we paid with no follow-up instructions. Later that night my daughter swore she found a bug in her. We figured it was nothing because she was panicking and didn't think much of it. But after 3 days when she kept complaining that she knew she still had it, I decided to call the Hair Queens. I was given a lot of advice and decided to hire them to come over and re-check. Well to our surprise, we found 13 bugs (a couple large but mostly small) and over 10 eggs. We still aren't sure how so much was missed. I was so grateful for the Hair Queens who methodically took the time to comb us out effectively and efficiently. I know salons say they charge you one flat rate per head but Hair Queens is the way to go. It's better to pay per the hour because they don't care what they find. Plus you get two girls which saves you half the time and half the money. Totally worth it to us. I would absolutely recommend Hair Queens over a salon. It's nice that it's in the privacy of your own home and you can clean while they work. Thank you Hair Queens. You are #1."

Posted by: Jill     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"Hair Queens was fabulous in taking care of my family of 6. They came to my home within an hour of my frantic phone call. Within 3 hours we were all combed out, lice was gone and my home was well on its way to being bug free. I had no clue how or what needed to be done and these ladies held my hand through it all. At our re-check all 6 family members were clear. This was the best money I have ever spent! Job well done ladies!!!"

Posted by: Jen Aston     Location: Valencia, CA

"Amy saved my life. When my entire house got lice for the second time, I was having a total panic attack. Luckily, a mutual friend got me in touch with Amy and she was amazing. She was so responsive, calming, and supportive. I would recommend Amy and Hair Queens to everyone!"

Posted by: Katie B.     Location: Chantilly, VA

"I work with college students who travel overseas in developing nations. We called the Hair Queens to take care a team of 6 students. They were efficient, fast, and friendly. Although no one wants to HAVE to call them, we will be delighted to use their services again!"

Posted by: Lisa     Location: Newhall, CA

"Skip the lice salon! Just call Hair Queens! It will save you time, money, and headache. My daughter got lice and I went to a lice salon and paid over $500 and they told me she was in the clear and of course I needed a recheck in a few days for the microscopic eggs that were too small for the comb that day. I decided to call Hair Queens for her recheck expecting to only find a few tiny eggs... well No:( they not only found many eggs, they also found nyphs and adult lice. This is crazy to me!! How can this be? I was in shock and despair at this salon. Hair Queens was so good about educating me about lice and how to comb through with proper technique and guided me through the next week of comb throughs.They empowered me with confidence to do it myself.They genuinely care about their clients and are extremely meticulous with detail so as not to miss one single egg.It is definitely worth the money spent with them over any salon! I feel so educated and informed that I can go work for them:)!"

Posted by: So thankful for Hair Queens     Location: Valencia, CA

"Trust me, I am that mom. The one that sprays rosemary mist in my girls' long hair every day before they go to school, makes them wear hoodies to the movies and on airplanes, and the one that spends a fortune on organic products. So, when we get gratefully receive that warning email or call from a friend that says that my daughter may have been exposed, the first person I call is Karen from Hair Queens! Their response has always been immediate, thoughtful and 100% supportive. When in doubt, you want to get hair checked. They do house calls and provide the immediate help you need! And if infested, you want to get it treated with gentle yet effective treatment. And you want the guidance to know how to clean your home, treat other family members and friends, and stop the spread immediately. Hair Queens is amazing, and seriously the best team you'll never want to see in your home again!"

Posted by: Clean Freak Mom     Location: Stevenson Ranch, CA

"Amy was AMAZING!!!!!! She was soooo professional and sweet to my daughter. She explained everything she was doing along the way and made sure I understood how to do the homecare. I highly recommend!!!!"

Posted by: Julie     Location: Annandale, VA

"I wasn't sure if we had lice or not, and I expected a half hearted interest in our case. However, Linda took the time to hear my description, welcomed pictures to be sent to her, and even took samples to scope to give me a second opinion! She really went above and beyond in helping us! Not only did she text to follow up, but she wrote very descriptive protocols pertaining to my next steps and if it were to ever happen again! I'm am so pleased with their services, don't panic if you stick with them you will be in excellent hands!!!"

Posted by: Jennifer Chou     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I won a Hair Queens basket at the PTA Vendor fair last year and I never thought I would use it. I got home from work late last night and found out my daughter had lice! I opened my basket and saw the words call anytime. I called and Linda answered the phone. I was in pure panic mode. She was kind, understanding, and extremely encouraging. I was able to keep calm for my daughter. Linda even texted to through out the night to make sure myself and the family were taken care. She was still checking in the next morning. I have never had any customer service like that anywhere. The products are amazing, the customer service is 5 stars! I would HIGHLY recommend Hair Queens to every parent here in the SCV."

Posted by: Julie G.     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I would absolutely recommend Hair Queens. Like most, I was in a panic when I found lice in my daughter's hair. Not only did Linda take my call at 7:30 a.m. but she made it so easy. She came to our house along with Kim. Both were very professional but yet I felt like they completely understood my situation as mothers themselves. The tips they provided me to get the house clean were excellent, and they answered all my questions. I was able to keep the cleaning process moving while they worked through my daughter's which as you can imagine is a lot to plow through. Thank you Hair Queens, and while I hope to never need your services again you would be my first call, and the company I would recommend to anyone who asked."

Posted by: Tracy     Location: Valencia, CA

"Hair Queens came out for a presentation for parents at my school. They were professional and informative. What impressed me the most was that they didn't try to sell anything, but solely came to educate!!! Would highly recommend!!!"

Posted by: Northlake Mom     Location: Northlake Hills, CA

"I was in a panic when I found lice on both my daughters! I needed help! I had heard about services that can help you tackle, what I thought was an impossible feat! I was willing to pay anything! When I talked to Hair Queens (on a Saturday), they were willing to do anything to help! They were truly concerned about me and my family! At no point did I feel like they were trying to take financial advantage from our crisis! They gave me the courage and confidence to conquer this on my own! I admit I called another place to compare, and believe me, there was no comparison! Hair Queens customer service is beyond outstanding!! Thank you so much Hair Queens!"

Posted by: Tiffany     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"My eldest daughter got lice last year in Kindergarten, and as soon as I heard, I immediately called Karen. Linda and Pnina were at my house within an hour, walked me through everything, and eased most of my stress away (the rest was gone once the lice were gone)! My daughter has since gotten lice 2 more times and I'm now a pro at treating all of us. However, they are just a phone call away with a question or diagnosis, and that in itself is worth TEN STARS! Thank you Hair Queens! "

Posted by: Jackie B     Location: Saugus, CA

"This organization is incredibly awesome. I have triplets and one of them kept getting lice! Luckily the other two never got it! I thought I could deal with this being a Pediatric RN - but I couldn't. These guys rolled up in their little pink outfits and my little girl is lice free to this day. I use their products whenever I hear of a possible lice outbreak in school. They are worth every penny. "

Posted by: CeCe Dempsey-Youngquist     Location: Valencia, CA

"I would not waste a single second or penny on anything other than the HAIR QUEENS!!! Linda and Karen are AMAZING!! They offered everything that we needed to rid our house and heads of these pesky parasites! Linda had a bag of goodies outside her front door ready for me which not only included the treatment and comb that I would need, but a checklist, diagram, and detailed instructions on what I would need to do! She checked in with me REPEATEDLY, eased my concerns, looked at the pictures I text her, answered my phone calls, and so much more! THEY ARE AWESOME!!! I love that they don't just tell you what to do, but they also EDUCATE you on what to do, the life cycle of lice, and how to eradicate them from your lives!!! I can't say it enough . . . I love these ladies and I HIGHLY recommend them! There is NOTHING fun about lice, but they will help you every step of the way!!! Thank you girls SO much!!! "

Posted by: Michelle C     Location: Valencia, CA

"Hair Queens was easy to reach and very informative. They made it easy to buy the products and gave us great tips. "

Posted by: Came     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I've dealt with lice many times in the past with my older children. Very tedious and time consuming. There is now help available, AMAZING help!!!! I took my 7 year old to a local salon and was pleased with the service, however, I was told through a few people about Hair Queens and thought I'd give them a try this round. They are truly AMAZING! They are professional, they are courteous, they are informative, they are thorough, they are funny, they made a not so great situation not feel so bad. The owners are so sincere and willing to help. I would highly recommend this exceptional group of women! Seriously, I cannot stop thanking them for making it all so easy! "

Posted by: Carolyn     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"There are no words to describe how amazing, not only the products but the customer service! Linda was absolutely perfect! She educated me, guided me and helped me eliminate any issues. It started with a phone call and the education I received will stay with me forever. Never pushed her products, but I purchased them and so happy I did!! Amazing!!! And the smell is great! I would recommend Hair Queens to everyone. I am still embarrassed this happen to us. I know it has nothing to do with the type of people we are, but it's still so gross! It was like Def con 4 at our house! But thanks to Hair Queens we are back to normal. THANK YOU!!!! "

Posted by: Mayda     Location: Inland Empire, CA

"I was so embarrassed and freaked out when my children got lice! I cannot say enough good things about the Hair Queens. They are kind and reassuring! They were so professional and great with the kids and parents! They were also upfront and communicative about costs and what to expect. I will recommend them highly to anyone! "

Posted by: N     Location: Palmdale, CA

"I called Hair Queens the day the school nurse called and informed me that my child had a nit. Jenn and Leddy came over that same day. I had no problem making an appointment, and the ladies were on time. They did a great job combing through both of my kids' hair, and my kids' have very tender scalps. Not one tear was shed. I highly recommend Hair Queens! "

Posted by: S     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"Don't wait or hesitate, please call this wonderful service! My 3yr old had lice and it was my first experience dealing with it. I called The Hair Queens after 8pm one evening expecting to leave a message and to my surprise, one of the owners picked up (awesome!). I was trying to hide my hysteria and immediately, Linda helped me identify what I was seeing on my daughter's head. Linda was so helpful, caring and professional throughout the entire process. She had (2) professionals out to my house by the next morning. These women were great and so thorough. They combed out my entire family and we hired them back for the 3-5 day recheck. This service is worth every penny spent. You are not only paying for their home combing service, but their knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend their products as well. I have tried other lice repellents and their's is by far the best. Please do not wait until your children have lice…purchase the comb and the repellent. It is now my mission to urge school PTA's and kids' gyms, etc., to utilize this great business in our community to better educate themselves and the families they serve. Thank you Hair Queens! "

Posted by: Jacquie     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"We have to say that the Hair Queens were not only helpful but very professional. This company is highly recommended by our family. We found lice in are youngest daughters hair on Wednesday evening. I got a phone number from a friend so I called Linda that evening. She explained what I needed to due and what they needed to do the next morning. All I have to say is that these ladies showed up like "pros". They came on time and they worked on her for over an hour. These ladies were great! They also explain to us the key things to do to prevent it, treat it, and repel it from your family and environment. Like I said "Highly Recommend It". Thank you Hair Queens!!!! "

Posted by: Araceli     Location: United States

"How lucky are we to have this fabulous resource in our community. Amy, Tracy and Pnina were pros and made a potentially embarrassing situation a positive experience (well, as positive as lice could ever be). They were especially wonderful with the kids, which is a gift. They were sensitive to their fatigue and were even prepared with lollipops for a little sugar rush and treat. I also appreciated that not only did they treat the issue, they educated us so that we can treat ourselves in the future. They also educated us on the lice. We were so impressed with their knowledge and their willingness to share. I will be continuing to recommend you all for sure. Thank you for being awesome! "

Posted by: Michele Krantz     Location: Stevenson Ranch, CA

"When I found lice on my Jr. High school student's head I was completely grossed out and mortified. I immediately ran to the store and bought OTC products and took them home to get rid of the lice. Even after finishing the treatment I knew that the lice weren't all gone and I wasn't sure what to do. A friend of mine told me how wonderful the Hair Queens were so I called them up the next morning. They were so kind and helpful on the phone and agreed to come to the house that evening to take care of my family. They even rearranged their schedule so that all of my family members would be home and could be treated. They got rid of the lice and educated all of us while doing so. I highly recommend the Hair Queens. Their services are worth every penny spent and then some. "

Posted by: Tracy     Location: Valencia, CA

"The Hair Queens are lifesavers! They have now saved us twice and were willing to work with our schedule, day or night. They worked well with our toddlers and skillfully removed the lice from all of our hair. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you!"

Posted by: D and J     Location: Valley Glen, CA

"How many AWESOME STARS can I give??? I have 4 girls, I was totally stressed out and Hair Queens saved the day!! They are AMAZING! Worth EVERY PENNY! "

Posted by: Tristy Viniello     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"Went to get my daughter's hair trimmed and much to my surprise and horror, we found out she had lice! Had no idea! We tried two over the counter treatments that weekend and both didn't work! The hair salon had given me Hair Queens info and out of desperation, I called! (should've called in the first place) Linda was warm, understanding and a calming influence. She carefully and methodically explained the entire problem/procedure and I chose to do this myself but purchased their products. Their package was comprehensive…fantastic, informative material, the products are excellent and they work! My daughter swiped clean! We are doing follow-ups and Linda has been available via text with advice and encouragement. It truly has been an enlightening and unique experience…we now know that ANYONE can get lice! Lice are equal opportunity nuisances! THANK YOU Linda and Karen! I highly recommend your company! "

Posted by: Linda     Location: Valencia, CA

"Linda and Jenn did such a wonderful job! They came to my house and did the treatment on all 5 of us at a short notice and took care all of us! They were patient, easy to work, yet professional. Before they came out, Linda took the time and explained to me how their service worked and I love the fact they did the job efficiently and they didn't push you to buy their products. I loved the education they provided as well. It wasn't just a service of combing hair. They showed us what they found in our hair, told me what to do with the sheets and other stuff around the house and how to prevent it. As I told Linda, it wasn't an experience I wanted to have, but Hair Queens definitely made it much easier, and I learned a lot from it because of Hair Queens. I have since texted Linda few times over some post-treatment questions and she answered them very very promptly with detailed explanation on what needs to be done. All in all, I am very happy and at ease knowing the ladies at Hair Queens are around to guide me through should this happen again! "

Posted by: Yi Jin     Location: Canyon Country, CA

"Karen and Linda are amazing! They are very professional and knowledgeable and they were at my house within a few hours of my call. They were great with my girls and worked non stop the whole time they were here. It's a mom owned small business and you can tell they really care about what they do. It's not the type of service you ever want to have, but if you need it, these are the people you want to call. "

Posted by: Susan     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"After discovering my 3 year-old son's head was infested I went into panic mode. It was after hours for the pediatrician so I went to the drugstore, the ER, and then back to the drugstore. The treatment didn't work. I used hair clippers down to number 3 (he had longish hair). I couldn't get them out with the comb from the box. Woke up the next morning still stressed and still with lice. I called the Hair Queens and I was immediately put at ease. Colleen and Jen showed up within a couple of hours wearing adorable pink outfits and big smiles. They skillfully removed the lice from all of our heads and provided us with some great tips for follow up and future prevention. It actually ended up being a positive experience. When they left I didn't feel so powerless anymore. I would recommend them again in a heartbeat. "

Posted by: Kim     Location: Saugus, CA

"I just wanted to share with you my experience with the Hair Queens Lice Comb. My son has had the worst cradle cap since he was a couple of months old. I bought several different over the counter products that claimed to clear up cradle cap, none of which worked. I also tried every home remedy I could find on Pinterest. After spending all that money, my son still had his cradle cap. This lasted for over a month and I was just so frustrated...However, after just one time using the Hair Queens Lice Comb, his cradle cap is completely gone. I would have never thought to use a lice comb for cradle cap, but it worked! The best part, I wasn't putting any chemicals on his newborn head!!! Thank you so much for helping me get rid of my son's cradle cap!"

Posted by: Stacee Rolando     Location: Stevenson Ranch, CA

"Linda and Karen are soooo great! I called the service and Linda picked up on a Sunday afternoon and calmed me down. Of course I was freaking out when I saw a big bug in my daughter's hair, but she talked me through what I should do with our clothes, sheets, pillows, hair brushes, etc. She was very calming and nice and in turn she calmed me down. They came to our home and walked in the door dressed so cute, and projected such a happy, positive demeanor that they put us all at ease. Especially my daughter. They read her a book about the bugs, gave her a sucker at the end of her combing treatment, and Karen even did an amazing job braiding her hair. I took photos and sent them to my relatives, and my aunt said, I've never seen a happier face from someone with lice! They made this whole experience so much nicer than it could have been. Thank you ladies, I couldn't recommend your company more! "

Posted by: Missy     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"Karen & Amy were absolute angels!! My son was completely infested and I knew if he had it, I had it. I was a complete mess, worried how I was going to do myself. I called Karen and she immediately made me feel so much better. Her and Amy came to my house, totally took care of me and even helped me with my step daughter. They were so helpful, knew exactly what to do and were just amazing. Even after they left, I've been in contact with Karen, asking questions and learning more and more. I can't thank these two enough! "

Posted by: Melanie     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

" I initially tried to resolve the issue myself, but felt very overwhelmed. I also recalled the stories of friends who dealt with it themselves only to end up seeking professional help. Linda was so helpful over the phone and immediately arranged to send two ladies to my home (Amy & Traca) on a Sunday evening. The ladies were AMAZING - kind, compassionate, knowledgable and very professional. They immediately made me feel at ease dealing with this embarrassing issue. Thank you. thank you, thank you. "

Posted by: Christine     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"Hair Queens are this moms "SUPER HEROS"!! They first came to my home and relieved my paranoia from an outbreak our school had last year. Luckily we were clear of all bugs. But I let my guard down and found lice on my TODDLER recently. Came to find out all 3 of my girls had gotten it!! So GRATEFUL for the amazing education they gave me the first time I met them I began the cleaning process and removal on one of my girls. I still contacted Hair Queens because I worried about my 2yr old sitting through the removal process! They did AMAZING! They are so great with kids and my girls LOVED them! They cleared all my girls hair and gave me even more knowledge!! I am so thankful for how they prepared me, my anxiety level was at zero this time!!! Can't THANK YOU enough ladies you ALL are so amazing and such a blessing!!! "

Posted by: Karen     Location: Canyon Country, CA

"We had the unfortunate experience of our entire family being affected by lice, and seriously the best decision I ever made was in calling Hair Queens to come and save the day. That is what it felt like, two superheroes dressed in pink bling carrying combs and an organic product line as their weapons. I tried to comb out my son and husband's hair myself, but I had never been through the experience before, and I didn't trust I knew what I was doing. And I definitely didn't trust those boys to take care of mine! Like you, I found this website and read these reviews and felt so lucky this service actually exists! Karen and Linda came in and not only kicked the lice out of our heads and home, but left us fully educated as well. Fear stems from the unknown and once you understand something fully its not so scary anymore. It gave us such peace of mind to know we were lice free from a couple of pros. Worth every penny! They are very fast and also left us with tools for prevention. Karen & Linda are extremely personable, great with kids and made us laugh through the whole process. Thank you Hair Queens for starting this fabulous business in helping people understand and deal with such an annoying situation. You guys are the best! "

Posted by: Kristin     Location: Canyon Country, CA

"Oh My Gosh are these ladies GREAT or what. I do not know how much I can praise them for what they do and how they educate us moms about this constant threat to our hair. When they drove up my husband shouted here come the "Pink Ladies", and oh what a relief they were. So kind and caring, so professional and knowledgeable. I just do not know how to express to you the relief, secure and warm feeling our family had from them. Now we are lice FREE and we plan to stay that way. With their help I know we can. Blessings to you and for what you do "Pink Ladies". "

Posted by: Beth Bailey     Location: Canyon Country, CA

"The minute Karen and Linda walked in, they made me feel at ease. I was mortified, but they helped me see just how common it is. Thank you soo much for coming and saving us by a PROFESSIONAL!!! 😉 I even referred Hair Queens to my hairstylist/owner of a beauty parlor in Burbank,too!! Thank you again!! Elaine and family (the actor!!) 😉 "

Posted by: Elaine     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I can only echo the comments by these other testimonials. Karen and Linda came to my home and right away I felt at ease, though I was not surprised because I got the same feeling after speaking with Linda on the phone to schedule our time. These gals are so efficient and caring in what they do, not to mention WAY cute in their pink and bling! I just wish that I would have contacted them sooner. I had already gone to other lice removal salon, who did a great job on me (I just had myself treated, as I took care of my children). However, I wanted a follow up to make sure the nits were gone. Karen and Linda got done in record time and then worked on all three of my kids. We are now bug and nit free and I feel confident that I tackle this situation should it ever occur again! If you are looking for lice and egg removal, do not go anywhere else! "

Posted by: Cinnamon     Location: Saugus

"These girls are GREAT! They are professional and came into our home and educated us about how to eliminate this problem! I felt SO much better after talking to them and after they performed their services I felt empowered to eliminate this problem in our home and our community!! Now that I know what I am doing, I feel so much better and I feel very prepared to handle the situation should it come up again. I even checked my daughter again after a few days and she had NO eggs or lice anywhere! Thank you girls and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone! If you have been struggling with a lice problem in your home, save yourself time and anxiety and just call them. You will not be disappointed!! Thank you Hair Queens!! "

Posted by: Nikki     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"Karen & Linda, I cannot thank you enough for helping our family last night! You both are amazing people and great at what you do! You truly can see your desire to help people and not just make money. The education you provided, the compassion and the support were invaluable- worth every single penny! Thank you so so much! My daughter, who was so mortified by this battle with lice cannot stop saying "Hair Queens are the best!" "

Posted by: Michelle     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I can't say enough about the Hair Queens and the quality of their work. We had used another service when we found out my daughter had lice. That service did NOT do a thorough job as the lice were not entirely removed, and we had to find another lice removal service. A friend suggested the Hair Queens, so I called and spoke with Linda and then Karen. From the get go, they arrived in bright pink smocks and blinged out in the most adorable way and made us feel comfortable and "normal" after having felt so embarrassed about having lice in our home. They were very competent and thorough and when they left we were lice free! I even texted Karen with a worry afterwards about something and she responded quickly with good advice. I highly recommend them! "

Posted by: Diane     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I cannot recommend these ladies enough! It was on a Sunday that I discovered that my daughter had gotten lice, and I freaked out! I called the Hair Queens, having remembered a conversation I had over the summer with another mom about them. They were on the phone with me within 30 minutes, and at my house 6:30 that evening. Linda and Karen were nothing but wonderful through the entire process. They combed out my daughters hair and checked all of the family, and lucky me had some eggs in my hair as well. They told me exactly what to do over the next few days and weeks to make sure they were out of our house. I even had them come back a second time to comb my daughter and me out, and they found absolutely nothing, that is how thorough they were the very first time. They never make you feel crazy about any of your questions, and are there for you in the days and weeks that follow. They have great prevention tips, and are incredibly caring throughout. I really don't know how I would have handled it without them. I could never thank them enough, they are truly knowledgable, and passionate about educating you throughout the process. Thank you Linda and Karen!!! Lynn Santa Clarita "

Posted by: Lynn     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"We can not thank these women enough. My granddaughter got lice and decided to share them with us. We have been battling these bugs for a long time. I spent countless hours combing hair, washing clothes and sheets. I thought everyone was on board taken care of things also. But my granddaughter got them again, so I started combing and just couldn't do again, so I called the Queens. They came out to my house, and made it so fun. They educated us on prevention, and took care of the problem. Karen and Linda not only are so professional they are so friendly and caring. "

Posted by: Sandra     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"So glad I called Hair Queens to come. Didn't realize how uneducated I was about lice and I was frantically & aimlessly cleaning my house and my daughter room without understanding. And it was my ignorance that led to my anxiety. After hair queens came and showed me how to properly clean the house and my daughters hair, I was so relieved and now feel empowered to be able to control, contain, and prevent this for he future. It may have been a dent in the check book, but so worth it for the peace of mind, the education, and proper tools or comb to deal with this. I will definitely recommend these ladies who are moms bold enough to start their own business because they want to help our community. And my daughter thoroughly enjoyed be treated like a queen with their cute stool, zebra handbags, pink uniforms & accessories. She said she felt like she was at a spa getting her hair conditioned. What I loved the best was that it is natural products and oils no harsh chemicals on my daughters hair. That's a plus for me. Thanks Hair Queens! I did return the RID. "

Posted by: Christine     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I don't even know where to start......these ladies are AMAZING! Not only are they so fun and easy to talk to, they know their stuff, make you instantly feel at ease and are just all around GREAT! I tried combating this alone, but I wish I would have called them in FIRST. I'm cheap and on a budget but they are WORTH.EVERY.PENNY. Seriously. Call them NOW! 🙂 "

Posted by: Julie     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"LOVE these awesome ladies! Just like all the testimonials here, I can attest they were very professional, very friendly and very informative. They treated us like family, and instantly put us at ease. My daughter got lice for the first time - and was sent home on the 1st day of school with it. I was horrified - with long thick hair that meant I for sure had it too (I did) and my husband was just not able to effectively comb out my hair with the over-the-counter (unreliable) products. I've had long hair for over 20 years and the thought that sickened me was having to cut it all off to get to the lice. Then we were given the number to the Hair Queens. My daughter was super upset by the bugs (aka Minutes) but the Hair Queens made her feel like a million bucks again and she was thrilled to go back to school the next day after treatment. And the added bonus was that she smelled like a fresh loaf of Italian breath with their Rosemary Spray in her hair. I load up on the Peppermint Spray when I know I'm going to be out for the day. They were worth every penny we spent. They negated our worries, and gave us a peace of mind that is truly priceless. Thanks Queen Karen and Lady Linda! We're forever grateful and love you for it! 🙂 "

Posted by: Jennifer T     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"When my family got lice for the first time we freaked out. We found these wonderful women who gave us advice immediately and were there to help us. They came out and checked us all. They gave comfort and helped take a weight off our shoulders. Any time there were questions or concerned they were available to help. I would recommend them every time. "

Posted by: Irene     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"This company is absolutely amazing!..I have been going through quite a nightmare with my 6 yr old ..she had come in contact with head lice a few weeks ago, and we were unable to remedy this problem with Rid or NIX..these kits do not work, a total waste of money. The hairqueens came to our rescue..they were extremely thorough and very well educated on this matter and educated me on ways to prevent it from happening again. Their treatment products are safe no harsh chemicals!..my daughter actually enjoyed her treatment!..as did i. plus, their "nit" comb is specifically designed to remove the eggs/nits,,with coiled rods to absolutly catch everything..that the other combs can't even come close to. This has been a very traumatic experence for both my daughter and myself..and the Haiqueens made it so much better..very calming...Thanks Linda and Karen for being so kind. "

Posted by: Kim B.     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"My three children have each had lice on multiple occasions....every time we treated them with over the counter medication and it came back the following week regardless of our efforts. Not until I discovered Hair Queens has this problem stopped. Now, when we get lice (which according to my pediatrician my children have hair they "like ". Clean, easy to connect to, no products) we contact Hair Queens and our problem is solved immediately. No fuss. No problem. No worries. They are professional and get the job done right the 1st time around. It is a huge weight off our shoulders. Thank you Hair Queens! "

Posted by: Patricia S.     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"I LOVE THESE LADIES! They treated my child as if she were their very own. Always willing to jump through hoops to accommodate schedules and also emotions (hey, this lice thing can get the best of all of us!). I am so thankful I found them and that they are so passionate about what they do. Thank you Karen and Linda!"

Posted by: Betty     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"My daughter had lice for the first time this past December. We were just coming off of winter break from school when we found out. I immediately started to panic because I never dealt with this issue before. We have heard horror stories about people dealing with lice and we didn't know what to do. I quickly remembered Hair Queens and gave them a call. They spent a lot of time with me on the phone giving me great suggestions and reassuring me that I can get control of it. They knew the exact products to recommend and after going out and treating my daughter our lice problems were over. Hopefully it will never happen again but if it does....we know what to do and who to call! We thank Hair Queens for their wise advice and caring demeanor."

Posted by: Anne     Location: Encinitas, CA

"One day my daughter came home from school and told me she was itching her head a lot. I checked her head and found three bugs crawling on top of her scalp. I freaked ! I didn't know what to do or how to treat her. I heard it was awful to have and I was literally sick to my stomach. I called a friend who I knew had been through head lice with her children and she referred me to the Hair Queens. They were wonderful ! They were on the phone with me for 30 minutes, calming me down, walking me through all the steps and procedures of how to treat my house. They made me feel so much better. They came that day ! Not only did they treat my daughter, but they checked my whole family and taught me what to look for and how to treat it myself next time. They offered the natural products for me to purchase and a comb so I could continue to treat myself once I knew what I was doing. I loved the fact that they both came out, it saved me time and money in the end. They were efficient and so informative. When they left I felt like I had such a handle on the situation. Although it was annoying and gross, it was not harmful to us. Thank you Hair Queens for everything. You both are truly a gift to this community with your knowledge and education."

Posted by: Susie V.     Location: Santa Clarita, CA

"Thank you so much Hairqueens! I'm a busy single Mom and to be faced with lice for the first time was a nightmare. It was inevitable with two young daughters in grade school that we would eventually have to fight the lice battle. I thought I was going to have a break-down but the Hairqueens came in and made it all ok. They not only took care of the problem but gave me a great bit of education on how to prevent this in the future. Although there are no guarantees that we will never have the lice problem again I could not have done it without them. We have not had any issues since!! Thank you so much!!"

Posted by: Lisa     Location: Northridge, CA